Lisa, the founder

Lisa, 25 years old, from Lyon, is passionate about everything related to multiculturalism. In 2016, she came back from an exchange year in India with ideas full of ideas, the desire to change things and to keep the strong link she has woven with the country.

By creating Azaadi, she wanted to both supporting small, isolated artisans in India, and sharing her passion for this wonderful country with you. In search of meaning, she decided to develop a project that could bring together all of her passions: India, travel, nature, human and fashion.

Elvira, the associate

Elvira, a 23 year old Grenadian arrived in Lyon initially for 1 year of civic service. She occupied Lisa's room for 3 months as a sub-loc, while the designer was in India. 

On her return, it was love at first sight and this great roommate adventure began. Curious, passionate about travel, intuitive and socially engaged; Elvira has naturally become Lisa's right (and left!) hand for the past 1 year. 

Camilla, the graphic designer

Camilla, 25, has joined the adventure alongside Lisa since Azaadi was founded 2 years ago. Friends since high school, they have always shared their taste for fashion and defended the same values for the respect of the planet and others. 

Freelance graphic designer, Camilla works for various Parisian and Lyon-based brands including Azaadi, to support this project that gives an alternative to the fashion industry.

Melanie, the photographer

Melanie and Lisa became friends in September 2018 while studying entrepreneurship. She immediately felt concerned by the approach and the values defended by the project that she wanted to support.

Melanie joined the adventure for more than 1 year and has been able to add her stone to the building with her natural talents as a photographer, her curiosity and her desire to touch everything.
She thus practices fashion, concert, events, sports photography...

Father Yesus, the social entrepreneur

Father Yesus is the one who saw the shortage of jobs due to lack of skills in the Karnataka region. He created different trainings within the NGO including the tailoring trainings 2 years ago. He and Lisa joined hands 1.5 years ago, when the tailoring center was just starting with the limited resources available. Father Yesus is an entrepreneurial brother at heart, who has dedicated his life to fighting social injustice and supporting poor communities.

Sebastian, master cutter and teacher seamstress

Sebastian grew up in the NGO's village and joined Don Bosco 25 years ago initially as a student to join the free English classes and self-taught himself in sewing and garment cutting within the structure. He has since become part of the Don Bosco family. He is a local attached to his land who decided to open the clothing making center with Father Yesus, to develop employment in his village. 

The artisans, #whomademyclothes

The artisans are the ones who made your clothes. All of them come from the southern region of India, Karnataka. Some of them joined the center after being trained at the NGO Don Bosco, others joined the structure after hearing about it by word of mouth. It is for them today that we develop our project of solidarity fashion. Fathers and mothers, they all aspire to a job that can provide them with a decent life comfort, as well as a caring for the environment. Each year, Lisa spends 2 months at their side to make the new collection.


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