This is the kind words we receive and that make us want to push us to go even further, because it is because of you that the Azaadi adventure exists ❤️

"I love the choice of materials. This is the first time I've found a brand that makes clothes in which I feel pretty and that respect my comfort, my skin. All without a bad conscience because the production is respectful of human rights and of the environment!"
- Morgane

"Such beautiful creations made with respect and true passion, highly recommended"
- Diane

"Great store, quality and beauty above all! Thank you."
- Chloe

"Well done Azaadi! A project that makes you want to dress ethically and support Indian artisans."
- Laure

"Great store! Quality products, really well cut, fast shipping."
- Roxanne

"True Azaadi! Completely Recommended!"
- Ashish

"Today I wore your Benares top and a lady stopped me to ask where I bought it :D A little publicity that is well deserved!"
- Eugenie

"An initiative that puts humans before anything else! Bravo to the team! "
- Carla

"Super project! The fashion show was beautiful and the pieces are very good quality and have a beautiful finish."
- Jessica

"Kudos to the whole beautiful team behind this project that deserves a big success! You have my full support, long live Azaadi!"
- Clemence

"All my support to this beautiful project that brings meaning and hope, for a more ethical and responsible fashion industry. "
- Justine

"Great clothes :)"
- Alice
"A great project, more than deserving of everyone's support :)"
- Morgane

"Humility and passion are what define this project. But it is above all what characterizes Lisa, the creator of Azaadi. I've been following Lisa in her madness and her unchanging positivity for 10 years now. I am very proud of her journey and wish her success; she feeds her project with a simplicity that has always been a part of who she is. Between the people who animate this adventure and the clothes created, "quality" which is definitely their common point. And that's exactly why we want to support this beautiful project!"
- Romain

"These pants are sublime and really accessible in terms of budget! A pretty, ethical and affordable brand!"
- Elise

"I received an email from you inviting me to give you feedback on my latest purchases at the end of August. Which I am happy to do!
I'm super happy with the Saraswati pants!!!
The material and the cut make it super comfortable to wear (and the patterns are really beautiful), I'm a fan! 😊
Anyway I am too much of a fan of what you are doing and will be coming back to you soon for future purchases and gifts!"
- Sara
"Very original and high quality clothing: I highly recommend!"
- Daniel

"Beautiful, ethical, eco-friendly... and comfortable clothes! Finally stylish fashion that women (and men) can move in!"
- Valerie

"Thank you Azaadi, thanks to you I feel like I travel to India every time I wear my earrings! Thank you for making ethical fashion more beautiful every day & for sharing your passion for India with us."
- Laure

"Congrats on this campaign! Can't wait to get all the great Azaadi shirts in stock ;)"
- Ivan

"It's beautiful, it's ethical and you can afford it! What more could you ask for ? :) Congrats on this project!"
- Bertille

"I love how reversible the Shaku top is, I wear it all the time!"
- Diana

"Cheers to you Lisa, and to those who are involved in this beautiful process. I wish Azaadi a long and happy life."
- Brigitte

"Of course I'm going to support a project that's going to finally allow me to buy some new, nice clothes. It's been a lot of years since I stopped buying fast fashion pieces, and I have little money, so it's a good thing that people like you exist! I work in another sector but I try to do the same thing. Long live Azaadi!"
- Julie

"Great project with real solidarity values! Bravo!"

"A project done right and with heart. Thank you Lisa, and cheers to you, your creativity and determination."
- Chloe

"Investment that makes sense, entrepreneurship with ethics and values, years of perseverance to make this beautiful project concrete and credible with a committed team in Lyon and in India, a real professional dynamism. We believe in it! Bravo. "
- Theme

"Very nice initiative, nice models and nice commitment. All the support and success for Azaadi. Love."
- Juliette

"Azaadi's project is beautiful, inspiring, and authentic, just like its founder Lisa. I wish this campaign and project the best of success as it deserves ! <3"
- Cassandre

"Just a quick note to tell you
how thrilled I am with my
order. I am completely
fan of your store, the concept you offer and the values you share. Congrats and thanks for existing 😍"
- Katia

''What a very pro and personalized service. I love it! I think your website is my new favorite place ;) Best of luck''
- Laurence

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