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The Shaku top is made from recycled Sarees (traditional Indian dresses) or/and from fabric scraps from our other collections. This is the piece with which we started the Azaadi adventure. It is through this emblem that we donate 5 € of the 25€ of its sale price to the NGO. Each Shaku top is unique and has been made by a craftsman who has chosen the color combination himself. The top is reversible, on each side you can find another traditional Indian fabric. Perfect to wear for the summer time!

PLUS: This section allows you to come directly to our workshop to choose your favorite (we will contact you by email to set a time). We also offer to send you a small photo selection according to your favorite colors and for those who like surprises: trust us, we will find you the piece you've been looking for l πŸ˜‰

Size: small one size (XS/S//M/L) or large one size (M/L/XL). The size is one size fits all, adjustable and adaptable! The waist is adjustable with ties in the back and neck.

Most sarees are fragile, thin fabrics. Prefer hand washing. Iron on low or medium heat (indicated on each top according to the fabric used).

The Fabric
The saree is the elegant traditional dress that Indian women wear on a daily basis. The origin of the Saree is said to date back to around 100 BC. The designer started from the observation that Indian women buy new sarees for all sorts of occasions: religious ceremonies, family get-together, travel... Eventually, the saree will be worn only 2 to 3 times and then forgotten in the closet. So I had the idea of over-cycling these beautiful fabrics to give them a second life and to make nice reversible ethnic inspired tops. The art of merging India and the West.


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