Shaku top discovery sale at Belle Lurette, new guinguette canteen !

Shaku top discovery sale at Belle Lurette, new guinguette canteen !

Discover the iconic top Shaku at Belle Lurette, a new guinguette canteen in Vaise!

Thursday, September 17, 2020, from 4pm to 10pm

For us, back-to-school means freshness and renewal!
We've received a new shipment of our iconic and unique Shaku top piece cut from sumptuous second-hand sarees... 🤩
🎉 We are also pleased to welcome you and to give you an appointment in a new magical guinguette canteen held by beautiful girls: Belle Lurette in Vaise! At Belle Lurette, you'll experience a soft, romantic and retro atmosphere, and the staff is adorable! You might want to go back often...!
Our beloved DJ Nazal will be there to entertain us on a Tropical Bass 🎧
We will reveal during this event all of our unique pieces to find the one that is waiting for you ✨
🎁 And for those who hesitate between all the colors and because we like to pamper you... For 3 selected Shaku tops, you have a discount of 10€ on the 3rd one!
Did you know?
💙 The Shaku top is the iconic reversible top we started the Azaadi adventure with! It is made from recycled sarees, the traditional dress of Indian women.A unique top whose color combination is chosen by the artisan who made it.
💙 Our observation: sarees are worn 2 to 3 times and then forgotten in the closet. These precious fabrics are repurposed by Azaadi to give them a second life as a pretty reversible top: the art of merging India and the West.
💙 Through the purchase of second-hand sarees Azaadi is funding free cancer care for people in India.
💙 On the 25 € price of the Shaku top, 5 € are donated to the NGO we work with to help solidarity projects and free sewing training for the women of the village. We communicate regularly on the investment of these donations here : https: //azaadi. en/blogs/solidarity programs !
📍Belle Lurette
34 Rue de la Claire
69009 Lyon
Metro D Vaise
🕒Thursday, September 17, from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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