Solidarity program - September | october 2018

Monesh, 20 years old, received sewing training thanks to the NGO Don Bosco, for whom he now works.

Monesh, 20, was trained in sewing by the NGO Don Bosco, which he joined in 2017.
He now works with us within the NGO.

A big thank you for your donations!

Thanks to your contributions, the little hands of the NGO Don Bosco were able to enjoy a special Christmas!
You helped Vali and her family. The 50 € allocated helped them in their daily expenses. Vali has contributed to the making of the Saraswati collection. You supported Mounesh, who also worked a lot on the Azaadi pieces. With 45 €, you have insured 6 months of its rent. Finally, the remaining 65 € were distributed to all Don Bosco teams who participated in the collection. Your generosity allowed all these parents to offer a Christmas present to their children.
Your donations have therefore helped all these disadvantaged people,
in professional reintegration, to improve their daily life.
Azaadi works every day to help the NGO Don Bosco in its mission to help people who really need it.


Total donations collected September-October 2018: 165 €

You are also supporting this solidarity program when you buy a piece from Azaadi!
We give you the possibility to add a donation during the validation of your basket.


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