The internationalization of companies

The internationalization of companies
If, ...
If you can export your company
Without greatly destroying the land that fed us,
Or cross the oceans to internationalize yourself
Without forgetting those you grew up with;
If you can produce more products
Without neglecting the place that gave them birth,
If you can improve what you sell for others
Without harmful materials;
If you can weather the storms,
While staying true to your values,
If you can remain worthy, strong and rational
when our competitors make our land weep;
If you can benefit from certain things related to globalization
Without falling into its destructive and dishonest habits,
If you can be ambitious and conquering
Without forgetting that you serve humans and the planet above all;
If you can hire new collaborators
Considering that they are there to grow with you,
If you can access new growth markets
Without forgetting to look out for the well-being of those who brought you where you are;
If you can raise many flags
And always remain empathetic to these new cultures,
If you can be different version of yourself
Without losing the identity of what makes you you;
If you can denounce, be indignant, and raise your fist high,
Without ever radicalizing yourself and turning into a dogmatic person,
If you can build the world of tomorrow,
Without ever believing that you're above everyone;
Then the planet, the humans and your true self
Will forever be grateful and supportive,
And, better than being in the richest rankings ,
You'll be connected to the world, accountable, and proud.

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