Are reasonable sales possible? 🤷

Currently, we have decided to offer a discount of 15% on the last pieces of our collections. ✨
The decision was not easy because unlike fast fashion brands our prices are at the lowest all year long! But the reality is that our very small workshop does not allow us to stock these last pieces with the arrival of the next collection.
But why are sales problematic? 🤷 Simply because if originally they were used to clear out end of stocks, today there are many abuses. The brands overproduce, and make pieces just for the sales. The prices defy all competition, all realism of production. It is ethically impossible to produce a t-shirt for 3€.
So if we decided to offer you this discount in spite of everything, it's to make room for the sequel, for a new collection whose number of pieces is reasonable, and the prices adapted to the production reality.
Besides, our artisans are never financially impacted by our discounts, as we only make a concession on our margin, in order to be able to continue to develop Azaadi.
To offer you to consume differently, quality clothes, produced in a reasoned way in natural materials, as well as in respectful and fair working conditions.
We hope to see many of you at Rue Bellecordière to say goodbye to our current collection!"
👉 All our sale items available here :
Chalo Bye, love and chai ❤️
The Azaadi Team


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