The AZAADI "Thank you!" loyalty program

Azaadi's loyalty program is here ❤️

Everything you need to know about AZAADI THANK YOU!

For a long time, the Azaadi team had been thinking about how to thank you for all the way you've come along with us. It was finally in August that we released the first Azaadi loyalty program, and today we're telling you all about it!
How does it work?
You just have to sign up on the program page so we can calculate your points. And yes, your past purchases will also be counted!
The principle is simple, 1 € = 1 point
At 200 points, you get:
  • Free shipping on your next order
  • 10% off your next order
At 400 points, you get free:
  • 15% off your next order

If you pass the 400 point mark, the counter resets and we start over.

With little bonuses of course...
  • 10 points offered for your birthday! 🎂
  • 25 points offered when one of your family members discovers us because of you
  • This person will also receive €10 off (from €50 of online purchase) by indicating your first and last name.
We hope that this program will make you and your loved ones happy ! At Azaadi, we are convinced that responsible and sustainable fashion is a fight that must be accessible to everyone ❤️


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