Indian Effectiveness

It was on a mild winter night, in the heart of the kingdom of the Rajputs, with the scent of chewed betel, cow dung and spices, that I met Pintu the Brahmin. Spiritual Guru, he read the lines of by hand to me. "You didn't come here to study but to explore yourself ... your heart and your mind are in conflict, you must free yourself from your beliefs, to bring out the child in you, and feel the signs of life again. You have a GPS in yourself, your sixth sense is intuition ... Don't be afraid to trust it anymore and follow it. His words, despite their obviousness, slowly grew inside me.
The seed sprouted and boiled the desire to enjoy life to the fullest, free myself from my fears and follow my little inner voice. She guided me to meet the Indian land and its culture which I was completely obsessed with.
Sufists from Kashmir, Christians from Kerala, Buddhists from Sikkim to Sikhs from Punjab, including Hindus from Uttar Pradesh ... This crazy patchwork inspired me. With lots of things in my head, and little to lose, I wanted to create.
My Indian friends gave me old sarees. With these dresses of 6 meters of fabric in bright colors and bewitching designs, I made new cuts. These pieces were popular with everyone I met on my way. For Shakuntala, the seamstress who made them, this order had been a good deal. So my friend Sameer suggested that I do something with it.
And this is when something big was born. The AZAADI ethical fashion project, or “FREEDOM”, in Hindi. This word reflected well this feeling which overwhelmed me, the freedom that just bloomed in me. This is what I want to share today.


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