Saturday, March 20 will be the 1st day of SPRING. 💐
But also the unexpected welcome of the First Showroom of Azaadi! ✨ We are honored to share this wonderful space as roommates with the gorgeous chicks from Leonor Roversi, a brand that sells T-Shirts and Sweatshirts with committed messages around art and multiculturalism!
The entire Azaadi team welcomes you this Saturday to celebrate this BIG NEWS but also... THE NEW DEPARTURE OF LISA TO INDIA, the designer, to meet the artisans with whom we develop this beautiful project of solidarity fashion.
You will be able to discover on site our NEW CAPSULE COLLECTION #2 from your favorite cuts ❤️ in unpublished and limited fabrics.
For the occasion and to thank you for attending, you will receive a 🎁Branded GIFT for every purchase on site this Saturday!
✨ From the following SELECTION of gifts:
- 1 pair from 3 designs of clay earrings.
- 1 Indian wood fabric printing stamp.
- ...and ANOTHER SPECIAL SELECTION to be discovered on site! 😉
Looking forward to seeing you all again before we take you in our suitcases for a 2.5 month trip to India 🌍, our heartland!
RDV 📍 at 19 RUE RENÉ LEYNAUD, passage Thiaffait du Village Des Créateurs en coloc with Leonor Roversi.


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