COVID19 = STARVATION IN INDIA ! 1 € = 1 meal - Collection from April 9th to May 15th 2020

'Small streams make big rivers'

In just a few weeks, we have raised €1235, which represent 1235 meals! You are over 60 donators who have supported the poorest people in India, threatened by Covid-19-related famine. Thanks to your donations, that's over 300 families who were able to receive food assistance during quarantine!
A big thank you for your donations and support ! Thank you for them! ❤
We share with you the report from the NGO Don Bosco, with whom we carry the solidarity initiatives! 
225 PSR = €2.75
325 PSR = €3.96
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Why we decided to set up this fund:

''India is our country of heartand the craftsmen we're working with,are the reason to be of Azaadi.'' 

Lisa, the founder

Covid19 Inde Azaadi x Don Bosco

What impact has COVID19 in India?

The Indian state declared containment on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, before the virus gained momentum... Few cases were reported positive out of the 1.3 billion people, but India is so populated that the virus could spread like wildfire...

They do not have the ability or health resources to handle this crisis...The number of beds in hospitals is equivalent to 1 bed per 3000 people.

Unfortunately, quarantine created a huge problem in India: starvation. More than ever, it threatens the population of poor farming migrants.

Their daily lives are already very painful, and they often struggle to feed themselves correctly...They have no savings, a below-living wage, an no governmental assistance. Today, thousands of people are trying to reach their villages on foo. They are left alone, without any food or water.

We are here to help.

We are all going through a global crisis together.This global pandemic may be more dramatic to vulnerable people.


Thankfully, charities are here to help !

They prepared and collected food that they redistributed those who needed it the most.

With the tailoring center now closed until, the workers will not have enough orders to earn a decent income. We are helping them as best we can but it may not be enough.

Covid19 food aid India donation Azaadi

HOW TO HELP? 1 = 1 meal

That's why we decided to help them all the way and launch a call for donations! A small gesture from each of us can count a lot.

Chalo bye, love and chai! ❤

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